My Story Series – Katerina’s Story


Here is Katerina.

Before I started my @digitalnomad_story blog on IG, which tells inspiring stories about people who travel and work remotely, and started traveling on a full-time basis myself, I had an office job where I got a couple of weeks off a year.

Before that, I worked for over 7 years in a position that gave me almost no pleasure. My career began with a 14-hour work day as a pharmacist  in a small town in Ukraine. After working like this for three years, I realized that I hit a ceiling and I needed growth.

My Story Series - Katerina's Story

I moved to a city with a million people and found a job there as a medical representative, where companies organized training for us abroad, and it was  begging of my passion to travel.⠀

The work was interesting and exciting at first, but soon I got professionally burned-out and nothing made me happy.

The country’s cold climate also played its role.⠀

Once during winter, when I left the house, there was ice on the street, strong winds and freezing temperatures.⠀

I slipped on the ground. As I was lying in the snow I promised myself that this would be my last winter in this country.⠀

My Story Series - Katerina's Story

The following Spring, I moved to Dubai, UAE, and got a job as a purchasing manager in a local company.

The work was not difficult, but it took up a huge part of our whole life, as we worked on Saturdays.

One day a week was not enough to explore this beautiful country, let alone travel, and I began to think about how I could change my situation.⠀

But I couldn’t come up with any ideas. I was uninspired and it seemed to me that I was at a dead end and lost my focus…

My Story Series - Katerina's Story

And then one day, a man appeared in my life who changed everything.⠀

I left my settled life and started traveling with him. He was a digital nomad and instilled in me a love for this conversion of life.

My Story Series - Katerina's Story

During that year I visited several countries.

I was looking for myself here and there, I tried to draw, yoga, knitting, creating jewelry… 

All this fascinated me and worked well, but it was difficult to make money on it because of the constant moving.⠀

My Story Series - Katerina's Story

And then one day I found myself in Thailand.

I met many ice-breakers with remote professions, among them were coaches, yoga trainers, traders, IT specialists, photographers and videographers… 

My Story Series - Katerina's Story

I was trying those roles on myself. But this was still alien to me.⠀

I hand-painted clothes, made jewelry and made a small income.

My Story Series - Katerina's Story

And then the coronavirus pandemic happened.

People began to leave the island, and those who were kiotomtals sometimes could not buy their own food.⠀

My creative business completely came to a halt and I was very upset and was thinking about how to live on?⠀

One fine day, flipping through the Instagram feed, I came across the blog of a girl who lived on the neighboring island of Koh Samui.

She was a web designer and talked about how she combines her work and travel.

My Story Series - Katerina's Story

I was very interested in this and I was looking forward to every new video in the story.⠀

Inspired, I wrote to her that I wanted to be a designer and asked her if she could take me on as an apprentice.⠀

She replied me that she studied on her own, without any schooling or courses and did not know how to teach people.

It was there that I challenged myself. I started to study on my own.  Then I found a mentor and fell in love with this profession.⠀

Now I can create a website with pleasure, create ideas from stories and posts on Instagram, create guides, checklists and banners. Actually many things. ⠀

That’s how I got a remote profession.⠀

My path was long and despite the fact that I need to work a lot while traveling, I am able to travel. The opportunity to work remotely let me see new places and live my dream!

My Story Series - Katerina's Story

Follow Katerina’s IG Blog at: @digitalnomad_story

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