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The most common picture that comes in one’s mind when mentioning a digital nomad’s office? It’s a hammock between palm trees at the ocean waterline. Or a sunbed at the pool of a luxury villa. Well, both pictures are more or less false. But they sell well.

Diginomad World - My Office - My Way

The hummock pictures are easy to sell, because they are offered with a very affordable price. A lot of diginomad novices step into that trap. The truth behind the hammock is an electricity shortage, leaking roofs, cockroaches and mosquitoes. Cheap places to live are very often lacking personal safety: high in crime record, low in living standards and packed with unreliable infrastructure and authorities. Internet connection is a variable.

Luxury villa usually comes with grey hair, some wrinkles and 20 years of hard work. Those teenagers at the poolside are their children. This picture also performs well in sales, as it is shiny enough to be dreamed about. It will not sell, if they tell the truth: two decades on and you will get this villa. And the pool. And the children.

I am there. Two decades on and on the poolside. The pool is not my own as well as the villa.  (Children are my own.) Just because I’m still on the road and not intending to stop. There is a palm tree, ocean beachfront, everything should be perfect. But the road still calls for me…

As for the furnituring the pictures…

Hammock is a nice idea for idling, but not for working with a laptop. I still prefer a comfy office chair and steady table to perform my daily assignments. 

Poolside is perfect for a cocktail with friends, but, again, not any laptop friendly environment. It is quite hard to concentrate on your work, humming palm trees and swimming all at once. Few hours in a day I have to stare only at my laptop screen. Human brain is not able to multitask, by the way. Neither a computer. If you open enough many windows at a time, it will tilt. Also human tilts if there are way too many distraction factors. (You Can’t Multitask, So Stop Trying)

PS “Many digital nomads eventually end up rooted to their home offices” (Digital Nomad, Investopedia)…- Well, we never stop. Our spirit is always on the road. There is no such a comfy office chair existing which can keep me in place. Dixi.

PSS Pictures are from Algarve, year 2020

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