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Personally I don’t like when any particular lifestyle is put onto a pedestal and is presented as better than others.

In my opinion digital nomadity is just another lifestyle among others. Not better or worse, just different. Advertised with glossy beachfront pictures, it is presented as a universal dream to pursue. Only the relocate agents have forgotten to put the price tag to those ads.

The truth of digital nomadity is here: it has nothing to do with the beachfront photos. You will never be happy in this very particular place and will always crave for more. What makes a diginomad happy then? The road. The journey itself makes us happy. The sense of continuous motion makes us feel inspired, empowered and fulfilled.

my digits - in via

Digital nomadism is an inspiring and rewarding style of life. But it is also a damn hard work and it doesn’t suit everybody. Being a digital nomad…

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