Digital Nomad Careers

Digital Nomad Careers

When we had hit the road about two years ago to become full time diginomads, I started my latest blog and began reseaching the phenomenon of digital nomadism. The whole new and fascinating world opened to me. Here is my list of possible Digital Nomad Careers as for Jan 1st, 2021.

Despite the fact I knew a few diginomads, I didn’t acknowledqed it was such a widespread movement. Both my husband and I have been involved in remote working and nomadic life alone and together in the past, but now it was quite a different, inner point of view. It was fascinating to find myself a part of the diginomad community.

Today, all the work we both do can be classified under the diginomad jobs. 

There are many professions associated with traveling, and not all of them are digital and immaterial. If there is a desire to travel the world, alternatives exist. Even during the corona pandemics.

I have researched a bit to find the professions that give the chance to see the world. It turned out that the list is quite long.

Traditional digital nomad careers:

  • Web Developer / Programmer
  • Freelance Writer / Copywriter
  • Web Designer
  • Client Service
  • Blogger
  • Consultant
  • IT Support

Traditional jobs involving a lot of traveling:

  • Researcher (geologist, seismologist, marine biologist…)
  • Performer (musician, singer, actor…)
  • Volunteer
  • Stewardess/Steward
  • Pilot
  • Diplomatic workers
  • Salesman
  • Trainer/Coach/Educator
  • Event Background workers
  • Travel industry workers (travel guide, tour guide)
  • Sailor and other ship’s personnel
  • Truck driver
  • Model
  • Shop and industry buyer
  • International politician or assistant
  • Reporter

Not so obvious cases, and these are those most promising:

  • Photographer
  • Electrical equipment designer
  • Engineer
  • Team Leader, CEO, Project Manager
  • Secretary
  • Financial Management (Payroll Manager, Accountant / Tax Advisor)
  • Client Account Manager
  • Order Processing / Billing
  • Interior Designer
  • Private teacher or tutor
  • Composer / Musician 
  • Author
  • Proofreader
  • Editor

Some professions are certainly missing from this list, and there are professions I have never heard of. New professions constantly come up, and it is always just a faster process. Life is going forward creating new challenges, which need to be solved. 

When I am looking back to the time I had to make career choices, a large part of today’s professions did not exist at all. Some that existed, are nowadays dead and buried. We studied Programming on DOS platform, Internet didn’t exist and diarys we scratched on paper with a pen.

Many traditionally location-dependent jobs are currently in the process of going remote. Technology allows us to do many tasks remotely. However, the greatest reason for the change is inside the human mind. More and more individuals want to break out from the traditional work model. In our overpopulated world, it can also be a solution to many ecological problems and an effective way to prevent the spread of diseases like COVID-19.

Currently, becoming a remoter or digital nomad is only hampered by the lack of uniform legislation, while the technology and infrastructure already exist.

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