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Digital Nomad In Portugal

Portugal fascinates digital nomads due to its favorable premises: picturesques nature scapes, mild climate, plentiness of possibilities for hobbies and sports.   Anyway, the sunshine paradise has its own shadow spots. It is nothing that can’t be avoided, but you have to arrange things carefully not to find yourself in a tricky situation. Admittedly, most of […]

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Portugal Is Blooming

Seasons in Algarve, Portugal, as documented in pictures. What can a digital nomad do when locked in quarantine? Especially if the premises are that wonderful as Portugal offers. They take some pictures and share them with the world. Autumn When we came to Portugal last year in September, the Algarve was offering us the best […]

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The Carbon Footprint Of An eBook

eBook vs Paperback Recently an idea came into my mind to research the Internet on the subject of an eBook carbon footprint. An eBook is an inseparable part of my lifestyle and I read a lot of pretty much everything. Obviously, I can’t drag around the world a ton of paperbacks, no doubt, they are […]

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