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Does your home insurance cover a long-term travelling and if so, at what cost? For example, in Finland, most insurance companies only cover a 45-day uninterrupted trip, unless you pay an additional price for the extension. Many insurance companies also have limitations on what they will cover. For example, in Finland, travel insurance does not usually cover damage caused by scuba diving or climbing. And if you decide to extend your travel time, the extension of your travel insurance needs to be extended via phone call or sending dozens of emails.

We came across an insurance company called SafetyWing, located in the United States, which is focused specifically for long-term travelers or nomads who are constantly traveling and working remotely.

It is health insurance for travellers and it is as easy to set up as opening a Netflix account. It is a contract payable in four-week periods, which can be terminated at any time. The contract can be opened anywhere, anytime, so no trip or even contact to your home country is required for this.

What does SafetyWing cover?

SafetyWing specifically protects you and for sudden illnesses and accidents, but also your checked baggage and delayed / interrupted trips. It does not, for example, cover broken or stolen laptops or cameras, but replaces lost luggage if it is correctly checked in for the flight. Also, the value of an individual item packed in a suitcase may not exceed US $500.

If you suddenly fall ill, or have a car accident (which is pretty common, especially in Asia), or even get a sudden toothache, SafetyWing’s insurance will cover costs up to a maximum of $250,000. SafetyWing also covers COVID-19 as long as you have activated the plan before you are infected.

Unlike many domestic insurance policies, SafetyWing also covers quite a wide variety of activities and hobbies during the trip. These include scuba diving, skateboarding, mountain biking and several water sports.

SafetyWing also secures children between the ages of two weeks and ten years at no extra cost. And a maximum of one child per adult or two children per family.

What is not covered by SafetyWing?

However, SafetyWing’s insurance does not cover everything, such as cancer treatments, routine check-ups (if you have an illness that requires regular check-ups) or chronic illnesses.

It also does not cover mental health problems, nor, for example, sexually transmitted diseases, so remember protection despite the insurance.

A full description of all SafetyWing replacement services can be found behind this link.

Who can take out SafetyWing insurance and which countries does it cover?

The insurance can be taken by anyone of legal age, except for citizens of Iran, North Korea or Cuba, and its scope covers all countries except the above. As a small additional mention, however, if you are kidnapped to Somalia, Nigeria or Afghanistan, for example, SafetyWing will wash its hands and you will have to rely on some completely different help than travel insurance. Like the U.S. Military.

What if I visit my home country sometimes?

The insurance covers domestic visits, but with certain restrictions. For each 90-day period, you can visit your home country for a 30-day period (i.e., within three months, you must be two months away from home). The purpose of a home visit must not be to seek medical treatment in one’s home country.

For Americans, however, the exception is that they are only allowed to stay home for 15 days instead of thirty.

If you spend more time in your home country, your travel insurance will be canceled until you leave the country again. You also can’t get extra days for your insurance.

How do I cancel my insurance?

In the same way as any streaming service. You just go to the SafetyWing website and cancel / suspend your membership. You will always be charged every four weeks. However, you can get a refund if you cancel and notify in advance.

But what does this cost?

This is the best thing about this, as SafetyWing is surprisingly affordable, given the extent of its coverage and ease of use. The four-week period costs $40, depending on age. For travelers to the U.S. the package is more expensive and prices start at $73. Rates depend on the age of the policyholder and increase over ten-year time periods.

If you are interested in SafetyWing’s Nomad service, you can find more detailed information about the insurance here.

Remote Health Insurance

SafetyWing has also added a full service called Remote Health, which is an insurance service that must be purchased for one year at a time, but is full health insurance. This covers pretty much everything, including pandemics and cancer treatments but also COVID-19 aka Coronavirus. However, it does not secure your luggage in any way, as Remote Health is specifically health insurance. The price is, of course, more expensive than Nomad Insurance, but the price is also reflected in the coverage of the insurance.

Remote Health insurance information and more detailed pricing can be found here.


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